Dr. Cindi M Morshead, PhD

Professor and Chair, Division of Anatomy

Department of Surgery
Rehabilitation Sciences Institute
Institute of Biomaterial and Biomedical Engineering
The Donnelly Centre
University of Toronto

Dr. Morshead’s area of expertise is in stem cell biology and specifically, in the field of adult neural stem cells. Dr. Morshead did her PhD at the University of Toronto and her thesis identified the neural stem cell niche in the adult brain.  She did postdoctoral work that examined the endogenous neural stem cells and their behaviour in response to growth factors and injury, at the University of Toronto.  She was appointed a faculty position in the Department of Surgery in 2003.   She is a Professor and the Chair of the Division of Anatomy at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Morshead’s lab receives funding from CIHRStem Cell NetworkNSERC, the Ontario Brain Institute, the Canadian Partnership in Stroke RecoveryNeurodevnet, the Ontario Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Canadian First Research Excellence Fund, New World Laboratories Inc, and the Krembil Institute.

Dr. Morshead was previously funded by Three to be Foundation , Brain CanadaHeart & Stroke Foundation,  and the Canadian Stroke Network.

She is always looking for bright, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about science, to join her group. See the Opportunities page for more information.